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Metal Processing

For over 20 years, we have been supplying customized drying systems based on gas and electrical infrared technologies to the metal industry. We can satisfy your process requirements with solutions ranging from individual units to a complete turnkey package of fully engineered drying solutions with cooling, RTO and heat recovery.

We supply optimized solutions for the following project types:
  • New production line
  • Upgrade of existing lines with new coating section
  • Revamping for capacity increase

Our drying systems are adapted to a wide range of applications: pre-treatment coatings, post-passivation coating on continuous galvanizing lines, insulating coatings or varnishes, aluminium heat-treatment and much more.


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MgO Drying (GOES) and insulation Varnishes Drying & Curing (NGOES) in Electrical Steel production
Compact, Powerful and Reactive Dryers are the Key for producing the best Quality of Electrical Steel. READ MORE >

Post-Passivation drying on Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL and EGL)
Compact, Cost-effective, Reactive and able to reach very high PMT for Anti-Finger Print (AFP): these are some of the Benefits we can offer with our Infrared Dryers. READ MORE >

Pre-treatment and paint drying on colour coating lines (CCL)
A Fast but Qualitative (no boiling, no blistering) Primer and Finishing Drying + Curing can be achieved thanks to our compact but powerful Gas-Infrared dryers. READ MORE >

Other kind of Metal Application
Tin plate, Aluminium, Zirconium, etc. READ MORE >

Cooling Units
Air cooling technology for Metal Processing READ MORE >

Bench Test
Bench Test dedicated to Electrical/Silicon Steel READ MORE >