Energy Savings

Paper & Board machines consume an important amount of energy to dry. Coating sections in particular are very energy-intensive as a large amount of the drying is done by non-contact dryers which consume gas and electricity directly or indirectly.


As a specialist of drying of paper & board coatings, we have developed over the years the expertise to evaluate this energy consumption and we propose some great solutions which can help you keep the energy bill under control or reduce it drastically.


Our approach is usually based on 4 pillars:

  • Audit the current situation
  • Suggest different solutions
  • Agree on the optimal solution together
  • Measure the results together after implementation


We commit to achieving the promise and targets we agreed upon.


Some of our solutions are listed below:

  • Emitter upgrade: we can achieve savings of more than 10 % by replacing gas or electrical IR emitters
  • Dryer replacement: depending on the situation, up to 30 % energy savings can be achieved
  • ERS (Energy Recovery System): either using existing dryers with some upgrades, either with new dryers
  • Add compact AirDryer using exhaust air from IR dryer (AirBarDryer)


In order to predict the savings and commit to the guaranteee we can give, we have developed an array of tools allowing us to evaluate the energy consumption of the existing situation finetuned to the measurements done during our audits.


We can also provide benchmark comparison to similar production site, while keeping the obtained information confidential as you expect.


Comparison of different grades and different machines, before and after upgrade or Energy Recovery System and after (in lighter color).


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