Boosting of production capacity

Paper & Board machines are built to be used 24/7 during many years. However, it happens once in a while that after years of operation, it turns out that local bottlenecks limit the speed of the line. Our compact and high intensity drying solution sometimes provide a perfect solution for this.


We have references in different positions of a paper machine which have resulted in increased production capacity thanks to well chosen investments allowing to remove the bottleneck which was limiting production capacity.


Examples include:

  • Preheating & predrying between press and pre-drying section
  • Increase the capacity of the press section by increase the web temperature before the last press
  • Boosting drying capacity after size press by adding an infrared dryer between sizer and post-drying section
  • Removing wet edges to avoid speed limitation due to lack of drying in on the edges of the cylinders
  • Replacing old ineffective drying in coat section by modern high intensity infrared & air dryers
  • Installing an infrared dryer against last drying cans to increase drying capacity of drying section
  • Preheating of web before coaters to remove excess moisture and condition the web for a better coating process
  • After calendar section, to dry the paper to required reel moisture


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Gas profiler installed in drying section against drying cylinders

This example shows how our GemDryer® was designed to implement a gas IR profiler which is installed in very limited space against a drying cylinder. The goal of the project was to replace a water jet moisturizer for CD control which reached end of life.

Thanks to the installed solution, improved moisture profiles are reached with reduced maintenance compared to the old solution.

Drying the wet zones instead of remoisturizing the dry zones also results in an overall increase of drying capacity and possible speed increase.

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