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Other Applications

Our products & expertise in infrared & air drying can bring benefits to any industrial process where heat treatment is required.


Some examples include food, flooring, mirror lines, gypsum board, curing of belts, scorching of brake pads, curing of flexpipe in round ovens and many other examples. and more details for some of these examples can be found on the dedicated pages.


Usually, the following benefits can be obtained:

  • Boosting of production capacity
  • Higher efficieny resulting in lower operating costs
  • High flexibility by advanced control systems
  • High quality helped by drying power controlled by closed-loop using on-line production parameters
  • Compact design, high drying capacity in limited space


To determine the optimal solution, we include the possibility to make trials with product samples in our labs, or to implement trial systems which can be used in your production line before making the decision to implement one of our solutions.


We have the capacity to customize the solution to your needs and can include design, installation and start-up of our solutions into your production line.


Our guarantee is firm: we will deliver the results you expect.


Contact us: sales@ircon-solaronics.com

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