Food Processing



We supply custom-made food processing solution including microwave and infrared technology.


Our references including baking of donuts, pasteurization of ready-made foods, baking of bread and other examples.


For our customers in the food processing field, we work closely with RISE. At the RISE location in Gothenburg we have several IR pilot ovens as well as microwave ovens. They are designed to be flexible and a number of them can be transported to the customer. The pilot ovens can be used for drying and heating trials as well as baking trials.


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Infrared Oven for Food Processing
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Microwave Tunnel
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Pilot ovens for food processing

In the pilot installation at our partners’ premises close to Götenborg we can plan for specific trials with different configuration including microwave and electrical IR ovens or a combination of both.


Electrical Infrared Tunnel Oven

The perfect crust

Industrial scale line for baking of bread, finished to perfection and providing the crusty bite you like.


Electrical Infrared Tunnel Oven