Testing in-house

Most new applications for IR drying need to be qualified and tested in some way. The behaviour of new applications may differ and some may be better suited for the wavelengths typical for electrical IR, while other may be better suited for gas IR or air drying.

At our workshops in Vänersborg or Armentières, it is possible to carry out certain preliminary tests on different types of test equipment. As part of the testing programme, we can vary the power heating time and the type of IR lamp or gas emitters or air nozzles.

Different types of modules or emitters can generate varying amounts of energy at different radiation wavelengths and this can have an effect on the heating result.

Pilot oven for baking baguettes and other bread with hard crusts
Pilot oven for baking


Testing at customer location

Ircon-Solaronics has a total of 40 different types of trial hoods (gas and electrical infrared) to meet the needs of most its customers. The systems installed can be installed for example in paper and coating machines to provide proof of moisture removal or to document other process parameters. We have organized successfully testing in different industrial sectors up to 4 m width.

Gemdryer trial hood
Gemdryer trial hood


Testing in pilot coaters

Our systems are installed in several modern pilot coaters. Some are for public use and some are owned by the mill and used for in-house development. Below are two examples :


Styron pilot coater, Switzerland

This coater has eight Ircon-Solaronics electric IR dryers at different locations. The coater can run at up to 3000 m/min.

Pilot Coater Styron

UMV Coating Systems pilot coater

This coater can run at up to 2200 m/min and has a total of 15 Ircon-Solaronics electric IR frames at two locations. The coater is used for UMV customer trials.

Pilot Coater UMV

Pilot Coater UMV 3D


Testing at Rise

For our customers in the food processing field, we work closely with RISE. At the RISE location in Gothenburg we have several IR pilot ovens as well as microwave ovens. They are designed to be flexible and a number of them can be transported to the customer. The pilot ovens can be used for drying and heating trials as well as baking trials.

Testing SP
General-purpose pilot oven using IR and hot air.


Testing at Micvac

Microwave heating of ready-cooked food is tested at the Micvac facility in Gothenburg.

Testing MicVac
Microwave pilot oven at Micvac.