The FoilMaster™ air drying hood consists of an insulated stainless steel or aluminized steel plenum and a number of Ircon-Solaronics overpressure nozzles.

Heating of the circulated air is carried out by steam to air heat exchanger or by gas burner. The distance between nozzles is 150 to 250 mm depending on design, providing a drying capacity of up to 20-150 kg/h/m2.

For face to face drying, the FoilMaster™ Float with overpressure nozzles provide a perfect combination of web support with a slightly S-formed shape trough the dryer which stabilize the web and avoid flutter and drying efficiency by optimal nozzle design. The foil nozzles are specially designed to allow best possible cross direction air flow as well as high air velocity up to 70 m/s if required, depending on design. The nozzles are made of extruded anodized aluminium or steel. Between the foils there is an exhaust air section.

For the highest drying capacity, the FoilMaster™ Twin is a perfect choice in single side drying configurations. The nozzles are designed for optimal transfer of energy and highest heat transfer capacity. This solution is often the optimal choice for heavy paper grades and for all board grades. Compared to Float configuration, drying capacity is increased by up to 20 %.


  • High energy efficiency
  • Small space requirement
  • Excellent web handling without flutter
  • High drying rate
  • Wide web tension control: Operates over a wide range of tensions without reduced heat transfer.
  • Optional bypass during sheet breaks: Built in bypass system will maintain air temperatures during breaks
  • Variable fuels: Natural gas, LPG, Electricity or Steam
  • Low maintenance: Internal air bar system requires no maintenance, except cleaning