Energy Recovery System

The Energy Recovery system (ERS) is based on using the exhaust air from an infrared system at high temperature level as energy source for the air-dryer, leading to a drastic decrease of gas or steam consumption.

In addition, the ERS optimizes the infrared system to obtain the highest possible temperature of the infrared exhaust and ensures optimized operation and runnability of the air dryers, whatever the conditions of use.

The automatic ERS On/Off switch allows independent operation of air-dryer & infrared during troubleshooting or maintenance of one system. You can also easily evaluate and compare the performance with and without ERS.

When we implement an ERS on a machine, we realize systematically an audit to estimate the potential savings:

  • Full simulation of drying arch,
  • Modelling of IR and air-dryers initial balance,
  • Simulation of ERS solution and resulting savings,
  • Customized proposal with energy savings and payback time based on machine data,
  • Guarantees on results after modification.

Also, our technical experts will ensure the installation, optimization and follow-up of the system together with your production staff.