Painted Steel (CCL)

Suitable for both Primer and Finishing Paint, Ircon-Solaronics infrared dryers are providing various advantages for the coating section of your CCL:

Reactivity, Flexibility and OPEX: Ircon-Solaronics IR Dryer system will allow to change strip speed x thickness x width very quickly,
without affecting the quality of the strip (over burning, lack of drying, blistering, etc.), while adapting the required power in both machine and cross direction, and therefore reducing drastically both Scrap and OPEX !

PMT: with a required PMT up to 250-300ºC, the Air Dryers efficiency is dropping quickly, combined with very long and important catenary to handle, which is not the case for our IR Dryers,

Very Efficient Mass Transfer (removal of evaporated water & solvents): no risk of steam & condensation water drops,

Compactness and Dwell time: With a proven capability of providing shorter dwell time and quicker curing kinetic, without affecting painting quality, our IR Dryers will be up to half the length of an Air Dryer, thus reducing all indirect implementation costs : ducting, piping, framing, fences, walkways, etc.



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