Other kind of Metal Applications

Whatever your application on Metal strip when it comes to dry water-based or solvent-based coatings, when it comes to heat-up the metal strip, etc., please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to study your project with you.


Here under some few exemples.


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Tin plate

Cans for food and drinks industries.

Asymmetrical power adjustment for a perfect film application on both side of the tinplate.


Zirconium Alloy

Strip reheating before final hardening.


Enameled steel

Drying the ground (primer) and cover (finishing) enamelling coatings on steel strips, prior to respective vitreous furnaces.

Gas Infrared has proved to be an excellent technology for drying this high H2O water-based kind of coatings.


HTL: Heat-Treatment Line / PTL: Pre-Treatment Line / CASH Line: Continuous Annealing Solution Heat Line

Combining Gas-Infrared and “on board” Convection Contribution for a Compact and Efficient aluminium heating or drying.