The TurnBooster™ air drying hood consists of an insulated stainless steel or aluminized steel plenum and a number of Ircon overpressure nozzles.

Heating of the circulated air is carried out by steam to air heat exchanger, by gas burner or by electrical heater. The distance between nozzles is 150 to 250 mm depending on design, providing a drying capacity of up to 20-150 kg/h/m2.

For back side coaters to dry and turn the web without contact and reduce machine space requirements, this solution optimizes space as the web is stabilized while being supported by the cushion of air between the air nozzles and the web, while being dried. The nozzles are specifically designed to maintain high web support despite the hot air being used for the drying.

Normal operation temperature is from 120 to 180 °C, which allows for steam heating of the drying air.

Combined with electrical IR (DryMaster™) or gas IR (UniDryer® or GemDryer®), this solution provides a very compact and efficient drying arch which can save you machine space while maintaining high efficiency.