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We have supplied our solutions to a wide variety of technical textiles and non-woven production lines including: Automotive, Geotextile, Construction, Hygiene, Medical/Healthcare, Packaging, Personal Protective Equipment, Consumer products, Electronics, Filtration



ALBANY Shoe Press Belt
Electrical Infrared System used for Belt Curing Process


Our solution can be customized according to your specific production needs like in the example show for curing of belts used in the paper & board industry.


Coatings applied on the surface have to be dried and sometimes cured. The infrared radiation allows drying these coatings quickly, improving the product quality and increasing the production speed. Our infrared systems combined with air technology have been used for over 20 years for coated fabrics industry.


We have also experience and references with infrared systems used as efficient and flexible solutions to heat-up vinyl and polyurethane based products.


Infrared compactness also offers the possibility to increase easily the production capacity of your line. Infrared system is then installed before the existing equipment, without big modification and will ensure the heating job and a part of the drying process before entering in the air tunnels.


Our expert team will support you to select the best solution for your specific product. Moreover, our R&D center and our trial hoods facilities provide the necessary support to ensure the development of your innovative ideas and new products.


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