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Thanks to our long experience in the paper and board industry, we have developed a large range of products that answers very specific needs with a constant focus for optimized production, improved performance and quality, low operational and installation costs and high energy efficiency.


Our product line includes all reliable and state-of-the-art infrared drying and air drying systems, and with our experienced teams, we will provide you with the required resources and expertise to analyze and resolve your specific drying requirements.


We supply complete drying solutions for new machines and coaters as well as complete upgrades of existing dryers for:

  • coat drying (including barrier coatings)
  • quality control
  • energy optimization
  • production increase

Today, more than 2,000 systems have already been installed in manufacturing plants of most major paper groups anywhere on every continent. Many of these systems are repeat orders. We include services for installation, maintenance and spare parts supply accross the globe.


We have references for virtually all coated paper & board grades and specialty paper & board grades.


Our sales & service teams together with an extended network of agents makes sure that we are always close to you.


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