Drying after size press

Coatings are applied simultaneously from both sides in traditional Size Press or Metering Size Presses. This requires adapted drying solutions and often need to be combined with web turning devices, without contact until the coating is sufficiently dry to enter the post-drying section.


Our drying solutions are customized to your specific process needs and available energy sources, including

  • the combination of infrared drying with air drying and web support (UniDryer®)
  • gas infrared drying (GemDryer®)
  • electrical infrared drying (DryMaster™),
  • air drying (FoilMaster™)
  • air turning (TurnMaster™)


In the most common layout, the web needs to be turned without contact, using our TurnMaster™, and then goes through the face-to-face dryer. For optimal drying capacity, our IR dryers with floatation web support, provide a perfect combination of optimal drying capacity and runnability.


Gas Infrared UniDryer® for Paper & Board


The combination of infrared radiation alternated with air drying, provides for optimal temperature control throughout the drying process. The efficiency is increased and the coating temperature remains at moderate levels while drying capacity is very high, allowing for very compact installations.


This is also a benefit for rebuilds, where a new coating application needs to be integrated inside an existing machine where space is very limited. The unique design of the UniDryer® requires minimal space for the air circulation thanks to the integrated recirculation air fans on the backside of the dryer.


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UniDryer® for drying of speciality coating after size press

Special coating with very delicate coating components requiring a good balance of drying by infrared radiation and convection. The drying include profiling capabilities as the last rows are profiling emitters allowing an integrated CD moisture control. Thanks to compact design, an important increase of drying capacity is achieved with limited space with excellent efficiency.

UniDryer V2

Pre-assembled drying arch for specialty paper

Before assembly on-site, the dryers are pre-assembled in our workshop. In this example, there is one face to face DryMaster™ after the size press, following by a TurnMaster™ for contactless web turning and the drying is finished by a 3 m long FoilMaster™ with floatation nozzles.