Galvanized Steel (CGL)

Ircon-Solaronics M-UniDryer is a perfect solution for drying your passivation coating on galvanized steel, whatever you have a vertical or horizontal coating section on your CGL:

Reactivity, Flexibility and OPEX: Ircon-Solaronics IR Dryer system will allow to change strip speed x thickness x width very quickly, without affecting the quality of the strip (over burning, lack of drying, blistering, etc.), while adapting the required power in both machine and cross direction, and thus reducing drastically both Scraps and OPEX !

Very Efficient Mass Transfer (removal of evaporated water): No risk of steam & condensation water drops,

Convection Contribution: Optimized overall efficiency thanks to a specific and unique embedded (e)M-UniDryer concept !

Compactness: Thanks to high power density, and with usually about half the length of an Air Dryer, our IR Dryer system will also reduce all indirect implementation costs : ducting, piping, framing, fences, walkways, etc.




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Which Drying Technology to chose ?

Whether you are looking for extreme reactivity, flexibility, compactness or lowest OPEX for drying your passivation coating, Ircon-Solaronics will always have the best solution for you, thanks to its mastering of both Electrical and Gas Infrared technologies, as well as Air Drying.


Available in both Gas or Electrical version, Ircon-Solaronics M-UniDryer is offering the most efficient drying technology for passivation coating, by combining the infrared advantages with the optimal use of available hot air, coming from combustion air (gas IR) or cooling air (electrical IR)